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Traffic Experts

Our core business is providing traffic assessments to support land user resource or subdivision consent applications. Clients generally include developers, business owners, and industry in Hamilton and the Waikato.

Integrated Transport Assessments

These are required for larger projects and ensure that all transport modes are considered for a proposed development. Integrated transport assessments are generally more detailed reports that may require complex trip assessments, computer modelling of intersections, and the design of intersection improvements.

Traffic Impact Assessments

Traffic impact assessments are generally required for smaller projects and include an assessment of the impact of traffic generated by the site on the wider roading network safety and efficiency.

Site and Intersection Design

The traffic assessment process generally includes internal design work (such as accesses, parking, and manoeuvring design), and may include external design work (adjacent roading improvements).

Expert Witness

If your consent application is notified then a council hearing will be required. As part of this process Direction Traffic Design will prepare written evidence and present a summary of this evidence at the council hearing, as well as answer any questions that Councillors or the Commissioner may have.